Thursday, September 26, 2019


Alex finished a hat for the store and did an awesome job. The colours turned out amazing. The stitch pattern is Brioche which makes the hat totally reversible.

Pattern: Harlow (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: 2 Freia Minikins - 1 Dirty Hippie and 1 Squid Ink

Alex knit the medium and made one change. She did the length one inch shorter before starting the decreases for the top.

From Andrea Mowry, the designer
When I cast on this hat, my intention was to design my ideal, go-to hat pattern. A perfect jumping off point for beginner briochers to try on their newly acquired skills - this hat is great for any gender or age, and the color possibilities are infinite! We all need a dependable hat pattern right?? This is the pattern I know I can depend on for stash busting, wardrobe enhancing, or a quick gift for someone I love!
I just asked Alex if the pattern is well written. Her answer was 'If you read it'. Alex has knit the hat twice before. While knitting mine she realized that her previous two have a small mistake - she started the decreases and assumed she knew what she was doing so she happily knit along. There is supposed to be two rows between the decrease rows but Alex only did one on her other two hats. Not a big difference but mine has more slouch than hers.

It was a much nicer day so my friend came outside for pictures of Lynda's shawl. I'm very happy with the colours I chose.

I'm Lucy sitting tonight.
She started on the main floor and then moved to the landing.

I keep checking on her to make sure she is okay. She's so quiet. I'm her #3 person behind dad and Beth. So far she hasn't missed either of them. It could be the fact that I made hamburgers on the barbecue for dinner. It's her favourite meal.

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Lois Evensen said...

As always, Lucy stole the show and is the star of your post. She is just wonderful.

I like that hat, too. It looks fun to make and comfy to wear. The shawl is gorgeous!