Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Beth's new project

Before I send out a newsletter, I email it to Beth so that she can read it over. She read my newsletter this morning and off it went. I received a text a little later in the day asking me to bring home yarn so that she can knit the cool cowl that was in the newsletter.
Photos ©Andrea Mowry
Beth loves Mosaic knitting and is going to make the Montana Mountain Cowl.
If I were to pick my favorite cowl style, it is definitely the Moebius cowl. It is perfect for colorwork projects because the floats are hidden inside, and it is so easy to style. Just pop it on to finish any outfit! The Montana Mountain Cowl uses the Mosaic method to add color and texture to this engaging knit!

Lynn and I put together two colour combinations for her. The pattern is printed and I even brought her home needles. She's upstairs winding yarn. The bottom picture won.

Le Petit Lambswool arrived and the colours are gorgeous. A box is packed for the show and we left skeins of all the colours for Cathy.

Now I need to get back to Guthrie. I have to get the ribbing finished. I really hope they have the air conditioning on full blast on Saturday. My sweater is going to be warm.


Michelle said...

I wish my sister owned a yarn store so she could bring hone gorgeous stuff like that!! Will you have this at the show Sat? It's fabulous.

Julie said...

Hi Michelle - the yarn is coming with us. See you on Saturday! Beth has to pay for the yarn - she is helping set up and take down the booth :)