Monday, May 27, 2019


I'm exhausted but I didn't do anything today. Well except sitting at Suds.
I was there at 10am with the Edge. Washing the car went quickly but I needed the inside cleaned as well. That took an hour but I had to do it. The Edge was going back today and I would have been embarrassed to take it back the way it was. No, I didn't have knitting with me. I wasn't very smart.

Beth picked me up and brought me home after I delivered the Edge. It was such a nice day that I got in the Mustang and went for lunch. The Mustang was a disgrace as well. Yup. Off to Suds again.
This time I paid for the better wash which gets the great coloured soap. I wish I could dye yarn because these colours are very inspiring.

Another hour lost but my car looks great inside and out.

I did make a few updates to the website and finished a newsletter so the day wasn't totally lost. Watch your inbox tomorrow. Beth is going to proofread the newsletter in the morning and then it should go out.
The new Laine Magazine (#8) will be available in the store on Friday. Honeydew is one of the great patterns from the magazine.
Luxury meets casual meets versatility. The rich, golden hues drip like honey from an intricately patterned hive, while the luscious combination of merino, cashmere, silk and mohair lend a dewy sheen which makes this oversized pullover equally at home atop jeans or a skirt. 
The Honeydew sweater is worked seamlessly from the bottom up. The entire body is worked in the textured pattern based on simple twists. Front and back are divided at armholes, shaped separately and then joined at the shoulders using a centered double decrease. Stitches are picked up around the neck which is then finished with a ribbed cowl neck using increasingly larger needles. Finally, the stockinette sleeves with ribbed cuffs are worked in the round. 

I knit a few rows while watching the first period of the Stanley Cup. Now it's bed time. Like I said, I'm exhausted.

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