Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Cast off finished

I hope everyone stayed safe today. We had snow, ice pellets, freezing rain and rain today.

My day included knitting, working on a newsletter and doing a bit of work on the website. There wasn't time in my schedule for a nap.

I took this picture from Atenti's Instagram page. This is the new Jelly Bean Hope Basket. It is on order and I think we should see it in March.
This is another Hope Basket that will be in the order. These bags are hand sewn in the US and the workmanship is top notch. You can fit a lot of yarn in the bag. It is great to carry around or you can fold over the top and it sits nicely beside your chair. Andrea picks out amazing fabrics for her bags.

74 sleeps until the Frolic. Yikes. It seems like a long way away but it isn't. I need to get working on my Throwback. An order is coming tomorrow from Spincycle with more Dream State. I will be picking one or more new colours for my yoke.

I have been talking with Steffi at Uschitita and we could see an order just in time for the Frolic. Anke at GarnStories is also dying us yarn for the show.

Nightshift is cast off - perfect timing. Alex will be in tomorrow. 😉 The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is on. It was hard to knit because I kept watching the dogs.
I really enjoyed knitting with the Uneek Worsted. We have more colours coming tomorrow.
I took pictures and then had a major problem. I didn't have anything to knit. Okay, I have a few projects beside my chair but I would have to figure out where I was in the pattern. I wound some skeins of yarn that could be my next project.

The ice has been cleaned off the cars so there should be no problem opening the store tomorrow. It's going to be an exciting day of deliveries so I'll find a way to get there.

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