Saturday, January 12, 2019

In the Loop

Sarah and her husband John stopped in this morning and brought a beautiful cowl that Cathy just finished. Thank you Cathy for letting us hang it in the store for a while. Thank you Sarah for modelling and John for taking great pictures. I think I need to hire them for all our garments 😘

The pattern is called In the Loop and it is free on Ravelry. The yarn is Rowan's new Alpaca Classic.
This pretty, graphic cowl can be worn long or doubled, revealing both sides of the striped fabric which features 2-row repeats on the outside and 2” repeats on the inside. The pattern calls for five colours of Rowan’s soft and fluffy Alpaca Classic. 
The cowl’s outer loop is knit with smaller needles than the lining. Although this seems counterintuitive, it will ensure that the whole piece is soft and stretchy and that you make the most of your yardage.
Alpaca Classic is made using a cotton net which is filled with superfine alpaca fibers, resulting in a wonderfully soft, light weight yarn you will fall in love with. 
Due to its fine weight, and intense colour palette, Alpaca Classic is ideal for fairisle patterns and a multitude of garments and accessories.

This was perfect timing because I hadn't planned a post for today.

I'm super early with today's post. There won't be time after work because I still need to throw my clothes in the suitcase and then we are off. I'm looking forward to a few hours on a plane watching NCIS and knitting.

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