Monday, December 24, 2018

Santa made a delivery

Okay, it was Mr. Canada Post who delivered our box of yarn from GarnStories this morning. It totally felt like Christmas opening the box. I just want to sit and play with the beautiful skeins.

I was pulling out the colours that I think I want to work with so I started taking pictures.
First Flush
Past Perfect
Tea with Me
Chasing Birds

I just purchased Joji's Slow Curves pattern and I think I will be starting it this week.

All pictures of Slow Curves ©Joji Locatelli.
Slow Curves is a crescent shawl design that alternates wedges of solid colors with wedges of ‘faded’ or mixed yarns. With the use of short rows, these sections create curves that move like a pendulum. On one side of the shawl you will see 4 definite solid sections and on the other side you will see them all blended together.  
The result is this beautiful, big, optically intriguing shawl. 

This was at 11 and Lucy was already worn out. Dad and Lucy were at Sweet Paradise to buy dinner rolls very early this morning. 6:20. The store didn't open until 7am and there was already 50 people in front of dad. He got the last of the rolls. Then they had a nap before Beth and I arrived at 8:45 for breakfast. The two of them then headed to Caledonia to pick up the cakes for tonight and tomorrow. You shouldn't let Beth order cake when she is hungry. If you ever need a cake, try Jones Bakery in Caledonia. The cake is great.

We're getting the house ready for our first round of guests. There are 10 people coming tonight. I hope they leave early so I can start winding skeins 😉

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