Saturday, October 20, 2018

Oh Snap!!

Meet Rosehip. This is a new colour of Hedgehog Kidsilk Lace.
70% Kid Mohair, 30% Silk lace weight yarn. Glowing pure silk core wrapped in soft fuzzy mohair halo, the ultimate lace yarn. Use as carry-along yarn to add fuzziness to everything from scarves to sweaters or held double for extra fuzzy accessories.
I finished my Ombre Cowl Hood just before the Woodstock Fleece Festival.
This is a very simple stockinette-in-the-round pattern. Yarn is held double throughout.
Talk about a mindless project. Cast on and knit every row. No counting. It's the perfect project if you are waiting for your kids at one of their activities. It's great for watching TV. People can talk to you and you won't lose your place in the pattern.
I am obsessed with Find Your Fade. I have knit the shawl 3 times and will make it at least once more. We now have the colours of Hedgehog Sock and Skinny Singles that Andrea Mowry used for her shawl. Three colours were club colours and Hedgehog is now dying them for us to sell.
Starting at a single point and growing, shifting and fading into a piece that begs to be wrapped up in. This asymmetrical triangle shawl uses some clever increasing and decreasing, combined with relaxing garter stitch and simple lace so that you have a fun-to-knit canvas to play with mixing colors on! This shawl is all about making it your own. Let your creativity shine!!  
Get creative - this is YOUR shawl! Use only 1 color, or 3, or 10. Need help with color selections? I highly recommend diving into your stash (or the shelves of your LYS) and untwisting the skeins and then laying them next to each other. Look for nuances that can be seen from one color to the next - if your first color has some gold (like mine), why not snag an awesome speckled skein that also has some gold and another color you love (ahem - pink), so that after the speckled skein you can start stitching up that favorite pink skein you have been hoarding! And so on and so forth! Still feeling nervous? Head on over to my Ravelry group and show some pictures of the yarn you are trying to decide between! Everyone there loves to help!!

We have another order on the way from Namaste.

I totally forgot to talk about Oh Snap Bags. These are already in the store. This set is S/M/L.
Features: mesh bag allows you to easily see your project, which is especially useful if you have multiple projects; snap opening provides a snag-free environment; and the lightweight construction lends itself to keeping in your handbag (so you can find Knitting Nirvana wherever you are). 
Note: not just amazing knitting bags, these also make incredible travel, cosmetic, spare change, and beach bags. 
This is a set of 3: Small is Rose; Medium is Purple; Large is Navy  
S: 4"H x 6"W x 1.5"D 
M: 6.5"H x 9"W x 2"D 
L: 8"H x 10"W x 2"D  

S: fits notions  
M: fits up to two 100g sock hanks  
L: fits up to three 100g sock hanks

We also have XL/XXL set.
This is a set of 2: XL is Rose; XXL is Navy  
XL: 10.5"H x 14"W x 2"D 
XXL: 13.5"H x 16.5"W x 2"D   
XL: fits up to five 100g sock hanks  
XXL: fits up to twelve 100g sock hanks

I think I might need to take a few sets home and get my projects in order.

Dad and Lucy drove around for a few days in one of the old work trucks. There was no back seat so someone made herself comfortable up front. Why the old truck? Dad has his truck detailed before they left for Myrtle Beach. They went on Thursday and will be there for a few weeks.

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Carolyn said...

Love the buddy case. The magnetic inside is awesome! The Cocoknits accessories made for the knitter’s keep are a perfect accompaniment for this little case.