Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Home Again

The trip home was quick and easy. We left Myrtle Beach 15 minutes early and arrived in Niagara Falls about 20 minutes early. From landing to my store was around an hour and a half.

There was so much to see. Rowan. Primrose. Sirdar. Hedgehog. Urth. Blue Sky Fibers. I didn't spent a lot of time looking at any one thing. The store was busy and I had parcels to pack and mail. Tomorrow morning I'm going to take some time and explore.
A customer asked me if I was making up kits for Joji's Slow Curves. I pulled out four skeins of Primrose Adelaide. These are all brand new colours.
Maple Leaf
Smoking Gun

I have some of the new colours on the website. I was adding while eating dinner. The rest will be added tomorrow.

Lynn left a little early to stop at the post office and run some personal errands. BIG PROBLEM!!! I didn't have store keys. I couldn't lock up. Beth had just left home so she went back and brought them to me. While I was waiting I put together another combination.

I didn't have a lot of time to sit and relax in Myrtle. Tonight I sat and knit. I'll take pictures at work tomorrow. We watched The Amazing Race, Big Brother and Making It. I highly recommend Making It. The projects that the contestants completed were amazing. Woodworking. Felt artists. Paper artists. The show is on CTV in Canada and NBC in the US.

Now it's bed time. I didn't have more than 6 hours of sleep a night while I was away. I'm aiming for 7 tonight.

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