Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Cosy Merino

Mr and Ms UPS brought in a big box from Rowan this afternoon. We have Cosy Merino. I want it all. It is super soft (73% wool, 15% cashmere, 7% yak and 5% nylon). Did I say that I want it all?

There are free patterns from Rowan that you can download on Ravelry. The first 6 on this page all use Cosy Merino.

Some of you (my hand is up) might want to make a sweater out of Cosy Merino so I found a few patterns that should work. These are Rowan patterns calling for Brushed Fleece. The tension is the same but you should always do a tension swatch to make sure that you are on the correct needles. (A small lecture that every yarn shop owner has to make from time to time. Sorry)
This is Harper (pattern purchased on Ravelry).
This the Tale Long Cardigan knit double strand. Imagine how cosy this would be.

A cosy blanket would be nice too. Especially today. Lynn and I rearranged the shed. We moved extra shelving from the store out back and then we put everything in the shed in order. I could go for a nap.

My dad made some new shelves in the store today. This prompted us working in the shed. We had some furniture that was holding the yarn and now it was in the way.
He made a deal (I didn't agree to it) that he gets half the money for any yarn that is sold off his shelves. Every night he asks and every night I answer that we didn't sell anything. I think he might catch on soon that I'm not telling the truth.

It's close to 9pm so no picking up stitches tonight. I have a procrastination problem which I need to deal with. Tomorrow I am picking up the stitches. Tonight I'm working on Espe. 

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