Thursday, July 12, 2018

Yarn Bomb

Diana came in this week with a new sample for the store. LOVE IT!
Espe (purchase the pattern on Ravelry)
Inspired by the spectacular colors of the Colorado aspen groves in autumn, this wrap uses lace leaf motifs that let the beautiful colors of the gradient yarn take center stage. 
The shawl is worked in one piece, side-to-side, from a tiny six-stitch cast on, and it increases along one edge forming a practical, elongated triangle. A simple yarn over edging is worked along the two longer sides; this can be used for finishing since the blocking wires can be easily threaded through the yarn overs.
We used one Freia Fibers Yarn Bomb for the shawl.
786m (860 yards) on a ball
100% US Cruelty Free Merino
Yarn Bomb is exactly the same as Freia's Shawl Ball but has double the yardage. I have taken the following sentence out twenty times trying to figure out how to write it so I think I might show a picture to try and explain.
2 Shawl Balls = 1 Yarn Bomb in yardage. But in a Yarn Bomb the colour only grades once. If you are using a Shawl Ball, you will go through the colours twice.

We used 2 balls of Shawl Ball to make the Sonoma Scarf. We wanted the colours to grade once. By working both balls at the same time (two rows of one and then two rows of the other) we made the grade longer. If you were making the scarf with a Yarn Bomb you would only need one ball and your colours would grade like this.

If you are confused, ask us the next time you are in the store. It might be easier to explain in person.

The Yarn Bomb won't be in the store until the end of August. I have the three balls pictured. These are mine but I am willing to part with one or all if someone needs to start a new project. I totally understand :)

We love Merino Mia from Prism Yarns. There will be three new Gradient Packs coming in August.
There will be two fabulous new patterns coming as well. One gradient kit (8 skeins) will make either shawl.

We used a Gradient Pack to make So Faded (pattern purchased on Ravelry).

Finally some flowers. I hope that the deer stay away. They've already eaten the buds off too plants. Or it was Alex when she came in yesterday - I asked her to have lunch before she came today :)

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