Friday, July 27, 2018

Slow Curves

©Joji Locatelli
Slow Curves is the newest pattern from Joji Locatelli. The pattern can be purchased on Ravelry.
©Joji Locatelli
Slow Curves is a crescent shawl design that alternates wedges of solid colors with wedges of ‘faded’ or mixed yarns. With the use of short rows, these sections create curves that move like a pendulum. On one side of the shawl you will see 4 definite solid sections and on the other side you will see them all blended together.  
The result is this beautiful, big, optically intriguing shawl.
©Joji Locatelli
This shawl is worked from the centre top down. Stitches are increased at each side on every row to give it its characteristic crescent shape. The colors fade into the next one as you work short row wedges.
©Joji Locatelli
Thanks Joji for the beautiful pictures.

As I was running out the door I put together two colour combinations.
I chose LITLG Singles and Long Dog Singles
Wild Rosebay
Sucker Punch

I added a skein from Autumn and Indigo for this colourway
Ocean Flight
A Pirate's Life

Lots of pretties from Long Dog Yarn arrived this afternoon. We almost tackled Mr. UPS when he finally arrived.
All the yarn is on the website.
Lynn and I have walked through the store to make sure everything is in order. My flight tomorrow is in the afternoon but I'm flying from Niagara Falls, NY. The airport is close to the outlet mall and you never know what the border wait time is going to be so I'm heading out early. I'll try and blog tomorrow. If you thought the humidity was bad here last week it's even worse in Myrtle Beach. I'll be inside a lot so there should be time to write about all the amazing yarn coming next week.

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