Monday, June 25, 2018


The tosh merino light page is looking a lot better this morning. I'm in the store because the madelinetosh order was supposed to be delivered today. I missed the driver so we are going to see the yarn tomorrow.
Before I left home I got out my mom's sewing machine. I might quilt a bit this afternoon. It is a digital high tech machine - much more than I need but I think I have it figured out so that I can sew a straight line. :) Then I needed thread so I stopped at The Quilt Rack before the store. Lucy has beautiful Kaffe Fassett fabric so of course I had to buy some.
I don't make fancy quilts. Just squares and strips. I'm going to use the new Kaffe knitting patterns for fall as inspiration.

I'm home and have been through all my Kaffe Fassett fabric. Of course I don't have enough for what I thought I wanted to do. Don't get me wrong. I have lots just not the right colours. So I pulled out some of my batiks and am doing some easy sewing. Just to get the hang of the machine. It's so fancy - it has a thread cutter. I was too cheap to buy a machine with that feature.

Well the sewing was easy but when you can't cut the fabric correctly it isn't as easy. 6 1/2" + 6 1/2" meant different things at different times today. It's all good. I got out a pen and paper and came up with a different plan. I'm kind of exhausted by the whole sewing thing. LOL.
The first square. The teal squares are all supposed to be different sizes but I have a few that are close. I'll improve going forward. The stripes are going to run in the opposite direction on the next one. I really want someone to do all the cutting for me and just let me sew.

Now a few minutes of knitting. I'm just about to add the fourth colour into Fading Point. Small problem - it's joined to the other side so I need to finish it first. Then bed. Tomorrow is a big day. Mr. UPS will be bringing 5 boxes and Mr. Canpar is bringing one.

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