Saturday, April 14, 2018

Wintery Day

I made another kit for Fading Point. I really, really like this one. I have a feeling that there will be more than one in my future.
I'm about to start the second lace pattern on my Fading Point. 16 rows and then I get to fade the next colour in.

What a crazy day. It was pouring rain here at 9am. And windy so the rain was coming down sideways. I considered not going into the store because if it froze it was going to be ugly. I got to work before 10 and it was still nice. Cathy sent a text at 10am that they were having freezing rain in Kitchener. I was seeing posts on twitter of freezing rain in the Kitchener area and everyone was saying that it was bad. The freezing rain started at the store at 11. I closed and came home to find it almost sunny and no rain. After an hour I went back to work. The weather wasn't bad. It started again at 3 so I went home again. Now the freezing rain is really coming down. We have an open field behind my house and the wind is howling.

I'm ready for the power to go out. They keep saying that above the escarpment could be bad. Around Ancaster, Brantford and the Hamilton Airport. I'm very close to the airport - we watch the planes land from my back deck. I have three flashlights. All devices are charged. There is water in the bathtub. I have food and water. TV shows are downloaded to my iPad. I'm set. Wait - I need to wind another skein of yarn. My ball winder is electric.

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Anonymous said...

Electric ball winder?!! Wowzers!