Sunday, March 18, 2018

Toronto Knitters Frolic

The show will be here before we know it. Just over 6 weeks. I like to be ready early. The Type A personality is rearing it's ugly head. There are many lists - what to pack, kits we need to make, garments hanging in the booth, clothes for the mannequins, signs...

We've been asked what we are taking. The booth hasn't been finalized yet. That is another piece of paper with a diagram of the booth. I change it daily. Right now I'm fairly sure that the following are coming.
Stripe Study will be hanging in the booth. We've made up lots of kits in many different colour combinations.

Butterfly will be making the trip to Toronto. Look for some exciting colour combinations.

I've been busy placing orders. I think that Hedgehog should be here in time.
 More Kidsilk Lace will be in the boxes including Iris and Piggy Bank.
The other colours in the order will be
-Park Life
-Pinky Swear

There will be another 224 skeins of Skinny Singles and 144 skeins of Sock.

Our Hedgehog Wall last year was impressive. This is the Skinny Singles - we had almost as many colours in Sock next to this. It's going to be a lot bigger this year.
The Atenti bags will be in the booth. I placed another order on Friday and we might have brand new fabrics for the show.

Now a few minutes of knitting before bed.

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