Friday, March 09, 2018

Friday in Myrtle Beach

I had a visitor at 6 this morning. Dad let Lucy out and then she decided that she needed to see me. We had snuggles for about half an hour and then she had enough and left. I got up and started my day. I’m going to need a day off when I get home to sleep :)

Dad made eggs for breakfast (of course there was one for Lucy) and then they left for a walk. It is not warm here. Just above freezing this morning. No frost today but there was yesterday.

Flowers are starting to bloom.

We took Lucy to the better Bark Park today. As you will see, I’m spelling it wrong. And I didn’t know that was really the name. I thought dad made it up :)

It is beautiful.

Now I know why dad and Lucy like going.

Mr. Roko had his hair done today. He was getting very matted. Beth said he’s very happy and very soft. 

When I got here dad had some pictures on the table that he found in mom’s office/sewing room. This is Beth and I with our pet bunny. We think it might be Easter Sunday. I’m not sure Beth will be happy that there is a picture out there of her in a dress. Beth is on the left and I am on the right. I had blond hair when I was little. Back in those days mom dressed us a like. 

There wasn’t much knitting today. 3 rows. Now it’s bed time. We have another busy day planned tomorrow including golfing 9 holes. The weather is supposed to warm up. I promise that tomorrow’s post will be about knitting - I wrote it before I left :) I wanted to make sure that there was some knitting content while I am away.

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