Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cocoknits Notions

I did an order with Cocoknits today. These are amazing notions that come from the US. We had Knitter's Keeps in the past. There will be new Keeps called Maker's Keeps coming in November. The colours are awesome. A photoshoot was done last week and here is a sneak peek.
This colour has been discontinued but it shows off how great the Keep is.
A silicone slap bracelet fits any size wrist and sports a brushed steel-plated magnet. Nickel-plated accessories attach to the magnet to keep what you need where you need it most.
Maker’s Keep - the magnetic bracelet packaged on its own. Now knitters, sewists, crafters, and makers of all kinds can make use it in any number of ways . 
Like all the Cocoknits Tools, the Knitter’s Keep was born out of Julie’s desire for sleek, high-quality, well-designed knitting tools as well as her own need for keeping track of things while she knitted. Also, find out what other uses Julie has for her Knitter’s Keep - how do you use yours? 
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The Stitch Holder kit will be coming in the order as well.
Use the Stitch Holder Kit in lieu of scrap yarn whenever you need to hold live stitches. 
The threaded needles allow you to knit off of your leather cord. 
The Leather Cord and Needle Stitch Holder Kit contains: 
two interior-threaded needles made of nickel plated steel 
three lengths of leather cord 
one long – for holding sts of sweater body (59"/150 cm) 
two short – for holding sts of sleeves (29.5"/75 cm)
There are new stitch stoppers. Neutral or Colorful. The new packaging includes large and small stoppers.
Keep your stitches on your needles with these little foam stoppers. Designed by knitters for knitters, pliable EVA foam allows stoppers to slide all the way down your needle to hold stitches while you are on the move or trying on your top-down knitted garments. Use Stitch Stoppers to turn any double-point or circular needle into a stitch holder!

The Cocoknits Natural Mesh Bag is flat-bottomed, stays upright, and keeps your yarn contained and tidy wherever you take your knitting. 
The bag is made from all natural paper mesh, so it's super lightweight yet extremely sturdy. There are no zippers to snag your knitting, and the snaps are positioned specifically to contain your yarn. 
Place your yarn into the unsnapped bag — the wide opening accommodates one large or 2-3 small balls or cakes. Fasten the side snaps, then run your yarn between the center snaps, or to either side when knitting with multiple strands. 
Dimensions unsnapped: 6" width × 6" height × 6" depth
Cocoknits should be receiving the Maker's Keeps and Stitch Holder kits at the end of October. The Stitch Stoppers and Mesh Bags are available now but shipping is expensive so we want everything to come together. As soon as they arrive in California our order will be on the way to us. You can call or email me to reserve yours.

There is a separate shipment coming from Cocoknits. Cocoknits Sweater Workshop is in it's second printing. The book is being printed in Canada and the printer has offered to ship books directly to us. That saves a lot of money on shipping. This is exciting news. Sometime next week we should have 20 copies of the book in the store. 
With over 30 years of knitting, designing, and teaching experience – Julie Weisenberger presents her first book: Cocoknits Sweater Workshop which includes nine new designs. The book expands on the simple, seamless, top-down styling we’ve come to expect from Cocoknits.
More than just a collection, however, this book explains the Cocoknits Method – a system of tracking knitting progress in your own easy to follow customized worksheet. Unlike most traditional patterns that create flat shapes, the tailored style of construction in these patterns creates truly three dimensional garments that impart a great fit upon completion.
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Last night I said I was going to wait to work on Find Your Fade. I didn't wait.
We're home from dinner with mom and dad. They are heading to Myrtle Beach tomorrow so we wanted to say good bye. Okay, we needed to see Lucy one more time :) Now it's time to knit.

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