Sunday, July 09, 2017


We're up in the room have a rest - we leave here at midnight on the red eye. I can't usually sleep on the plane so an afternoon nap sounded like a good idea.
We had a great time at the concert. Blondie was awesome. It's hard to believe that Debbie Harry is 71 years old. She was on stage dancing away. The warm up act was Exene and John Doe. The name didn't mean anything to us but thanks to Google we found out that they are in a band called X which is one of the most influential bands from the punk movement of the late 70s. Then Garbage played. I wasn't familiar with all the songs but we had fun singing away to the songs we knew.
The World Series of Poker Main Event started at the Rio yesterday. Beth and I went over for a while to watch. The entry fee is $10,000. This is serious. Two groups of players are at the 'featured tables'. When the WSOP airs on TV later this summer, you see a lot of these players.
It's time to finish packing. Good Bye Vegas. I'll be back :)

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