Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Hello from Vegas

We're here safely and had a great flight. It's only 7:30 but it feels like midnight. I might knit a few rows before bed. We went for a long walk this afternoon and it is very hot here. My iWatch says that I've walked 14,000 steps and I've been up for 19 hours. I'm tired :) 
I had to put down my knitting a few times on the plane to get pictures.
This is Lake Las Vegas. One of our favourite golf courses is on the far side of the lake.
The Strip in the distance as we were landing.
There is one more row to go on the ribbing and then onto the pattern. Great news - Spincycle Yarns is sending our order next week. I can't wait. My iPad won't save pictures of the colours that are coming - I'll show them next week when I can access them on my computer.

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