Monday, March 06, 2017

Shaded Landscape

Mr. Canada Post brought in two huge boxes today. The first was from Prism. We received kits to make the Shaded Landscape Wrap.
Three strands of slender, silky Delicato team up in varying color combinations to create this dramatic wrap.

You take charge, changing color gradually and at will. 

This lovely lace yarn is a terrific substitute for more costly silk. Lustrous, smooth and silky, the hand is superior with beautiful stitch definition and blocking retention. Tencel® is ten times more absorbent than cotton, stretches less than rayon, and is environmentally friendly (made from sustainable trees and in a closed-loop system that re-uses all chemicals).

Alex finished a shawl (pictures tomorrow) so I gave her a Shaded Landscape Wrap kit to knit up. She will be using the colours in the basket at the top of the post.

Iceberg (the colourway shown in the shawl)

The second box from Hedgehog arrived today. We have Sock and Twist Sock.

There are also 2 new Potluck colours of Sock. Outline is calling my name :)

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