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Monday, January 09, 2017

Single Ply

Freia Fibers has discontinued their Ombre Fingering yarn so we are marking it down in the store and online - 20% off. The yarn was $40 a ball - now $32 a ball.
Freia Ombré Fingering is a gorgeous single ply that is available in wonderful ombre colors. As your project progresses, the color will change. Great for interesting garments and accessories
75% wool
25% nylon
75 grams
294 m
We used 2 balls and 4.5mm needles to make Auburn Wave (pattern purchased on Ravelry)
Here are some more pattern suggestions

Dangling Conversation
Quaker Yarn Stretcher
Quaker Lines
Crazy Magic Boomerang
Crazy Magic (Classic Cowl)
Crazy Magic Bias

It's wool and nylon so you can make socks with it as well. 

We received 3 new colours of Malabrigo Mechita today.

From Malabrigo
We liked Mecha so much, we hit it with a shrink ray! Mechita is a fingering-weight version of our beautifully-dyed single-ply superwash yarn. Just as soft and rich as the original, but great for lighter projects!

Great for: Shawls, scarves, garments, accessories, baby and kids items, lace, cables, textured stitches.
384m (420 yards) on a 100gram skein
100% superwash merino wool

Mechita is a single ply yarn - I'm kind of addicted to those. Merino light. Hedgehog Skinny Singles. Zen Serenity Silk Singles.

A parcel went to Lynda today with three skeins of Mechita. The project is a secret until it's finished but I'm pretty sure it will be a hit.


Carolyn said...

Love the picture of the second shawl in this post. Was it the Lichen colour you used? Also, if you used 2 balls, did you use one and then the other (to get 2 waves of each colour)?
Thank you!

Julie said...

The colour is Lichen. We knit one ball and then the second ball. The balls are rolled backwards to make it easier.

Carolyn said...

Thanks for confirming the colour. I'm not understanding the comment about the balls being rolled backwards - it looks in the sample like all of one colour is used, then all of the next. So, just to confirm - did you use all of colour A in ball #1, then switch to use colour A in ball #2, then use colour B in ball #1 and colour B in ball #2, etc?

Thank you for your help in understanding this. I just want to ensure I get it before I order it!

Julie said...

Hi Caroline
Sorry. I hope this helps

Ball A is wound with grey on the outside and going to green on the inside.

Ball B is wound with green on the outside and going to grey on the inside.

I work from the centre of the ball.

Pick whichever colour you want to start the shawl with. The sample started with grey.

We started the shawl with ball B and worked until it was finished (goes from grey to green) then we added in ball A to finish the shawl (goes from green to grey). That is how we ended up with grey at both ends.

You don't have to work the balls this way but I like how the colours work up doing this.