Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Franklin Habit and Lorna's Laces

The Christmas baking last night was a lot of work. :)

You still have time to join the KAL for the Marley Blanket hosted by Franklin Habit and Lorna's Laces.
Lorna's Laces did not kit the red/yellow version that is pictured in the finished throw but they can make you a kit in it's likeness if that is the colourway you want. The throw pictured is the XLarge size.

We are going to be doing the Cloudgate kits - these will make the bulky version. The colours available are
Cam (the colour that I am doing)

There are 4 sizes on the blanket pattern. The pattern is not included in the kit - you need to purchase it on Ravelry.
The finished blanket measures approximately 27 (36, 48, 58)” wide by 36 (49, 70, 83)” long, but will vary based upon finished gauge and blocking. 
Small - takes 1 kit
Medium - takes 2 kits
Large - takes 3 kits
XLarge - takes 4 kits

Each kit is $125.

Order your kit/kits now to make sure they are in stock before the end of December.

Dad took Lucy to the dog park and then in for a visit. She was very well behaved - she didn't touch a ball of yarn (or our lunch).


Candice said...

She really is a good looking dog. Nice that she's well behaved, too.

Julie said...

According to my parents she is perfect. I'm not so sure. She's a puppy and likes to get into things.