Friday, June 24, 2016

Starting the Lace

It might be hot outside but when you are sitting in an office or in a restaurant it can be cold with the air conditioning. Classic Elite has a solution for that. A simple to knit and simple to wear poncho.
Simple stockinette stitch is elegant and drapey in Bella Lino's sophisticated colorways. Easy to knit and to wear, this is the perfect project for mindless summer knitting.
Knit in pieces and sewn together, you’ll want wear this light as air poncho all summer long.
Pattern: Summer Poncho (free from Classic Elite)
Yarn: Bella Lino

We have new Color Sticks from Bonnie Bishoff.

Why does this stick pin look so short ? A tricky new design creates an extra snug to your simple stick pin. The top curls around to hook onto the layer of fabric that you have held together with the stick pin.
The Shawl Pins and Stick Pins are designed and handmade by Bonnie Bishoff and her husband J.M. Syron. They feature colorful inlays of polymer clay in white bronze and lead free pewter settings. Some of the polymer based pins encase metal armatures in their structures. The hooks are made in the USA, of nickel silver, exclusively for her designs.

The pin is perfect for my new shawl. I guess one is coming home with me :)

I've been working away on my Annisa Wrap. I thought that I had made it to the end of stripes and was ready for the lace section. Not.

I had the correct number of stitches on my needle but I needed to do 8 more rows. You are supposed to have a certain number of stitches before and after the vein that is running up the shawl. I had too few stitches before and too many after. By doing the 8 extra rows I am correct and have started working on the lace section.

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Candice said...

Ha! I printed the CEY poncho earlier this week. Just have to decide on the colour now . . .