Sunday, May 15, 2016


Oh my goodness is it cold out there. If it was like this in January we'd be happy but not in May. Beth was supposed to golf today but it was cancelled. Too cold.

I was up super early this morning for no reason so I decided to get my day going. While playing on Facebook I liked the page for Frabjous Fibers. I talked about the new Rainbow Mini Skeins coming soon. Here is a picture of the actual skeins. Oh my. Aren't the colours amazing?

There was a bit of knitting today. One more teal section and then the last colour of this kit. My shawl will be at the half way point. I'm getting excited about the next kit.
It is Gyre and Gimble and I will start with the purple and work to the denim.

It's a big day tomorrow. I'm getting California shutters in my bedroom. It only took me a year to decide what I wanted. Until now I've had brown paper taped to the windows. Once a week we get a flyer in the front door for window treatments. My dad keeps asking when I'm going to get that awful paper out of my windows. I've been debating between curtains and shutters. I pulled the trigger a month ago and called Greg from The Shutter Factory. He did our shutters in the townhouse and in my parent's townhouse. He does great work. He might be a bit more than the flyers in the door but I know that I'm getting quality. Hopefully once the shutters are in I will be able to sleep a bit longer in the morning.

I'm going to knit a few more rows and then bed. It's a busy day tomorrow.

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