Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shawl Pins and Leather Closures

I ordered some great accessories from JUL while I was at TNNA in January. I received an email yesterday that they are being shipped. Hopefully we'll see these late next week.
Sweet Pea Vine Shawl Pin
White bronze with rosewood stick
1.5 inches inside diameter, 2.25 inches outside
This beautiful shawl pin is made here in the USA in a small casting house in New Mexico based on the meandering form of the Sweet Pea.
Lotus Garden Shawl Pin  
White Brass
Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia
This gorgeously delicate and light shawl pin evokes the zen of a lotus garden - its roots, its stems, and its flowers, leaves, and seed pods.
Wear the calm of this lotus garden shawl pin and imagine the exquisite and virtually indescribable perfume of the lotus blossoms with their translucent pink petals swaying above subtly conical leaves that turn beads of water into glittering quicksilver.
Coil Shawl Pin
Made Fair Trade in Indonesia
Cast and hand-polished in white brass
Ring 1.25" inside diameter
Stick 4.5" in length
The Coil Shawl Pin is elegant and sleek, with a timeless design that is at once ancient and contemporary. 
Wild Grape Tendril Shawl Pin  
Made Fair Trade in Indonesia
Cast and hand-finished in White Brass
Shawl Pin includes the ring and the small stick on the left.  The Stick on the right is sold separately.
Ring 2.5" tall x 1.25" wide
The tendrils of grapes or peas are natures spirals.
Matisse's Hinge Leather Screw-in Closure
Made in the USA
100% Genuine Leather
5.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall
This is Strata (pattern purchased on Ravelry) showcasing the closure.

Lock Toggle Leather Closure
Made in the USA
Genuine leather
2.25" wide x 1.75" tall
This leather closure screws into knitted, crocheted, handwoven, and sewn garments making it removable for laundering and a striking alternative to conventional toggles, buttons, and frogs.  The leather makes the closure relatively light considering the size of the Lock and its sibling screw-in snap closures. The tongue on one side of the Lock comes up through the slot in the other side, doubles back on itself and 'locks' in place with a snap, making it extremely secure.
Mod Loop Leather Closure
Made in the USA
Genuine leather, Screw-in closure with snaps
4" wide x 1.75" tall
Make the fantastic possible with your garments and accessories everyday by using the Mod Loop in myriad ways.  The Mod Loop, like other JUL screw-in snap closures, screws directly into the garment, the threaded cylinder positioned between stitches with a backing on it on the wrong side of the fabric and a screw securing the Mod Loop on the front and the backing disk on the back.  The 'tongue' of the closure snaps onto itself after it comes up through the Mod Loop.
You're Beautiful (purchased on Ravelry) looks great with the leather closure.

The great thing about the leather closures is that they are removable so you can take them from one scarf/shawl and put them on another. They also work great instead of buttons on a coat.
This is a free pattern from JUL showing the closures...

The Ridgeline Wrap is a pattern that you can purchase on Ravelry...

Today was beautiful in Myrtle Beach so Dad and I played 9 holes this afternoon. I'm glad that we went out. It was great to be in the sun. This meant not much knitting today. And I'm really tired. It's bed time soon.

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