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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Billy is my new friend

We did more rearranging today. The front room has a new look. Billy is our new best friend. I'm going to head to Ikea next week to get Billy shelves for my sewing room.

Speaking of my sewing room, I started on my quilt after work. I don't really have a pattern. I'm using a free pattern from Amy Butler as a guide. I have a rather large collection of purple batiks. I think that there is enough to make the king size quilt that I want. In my head I see the quilt grading from very dark to very light. We'll see how this works.
The weather outside is not nice. A lot of freezing rain is coming down right now. I hope to be in the store at 10am but if it keeps up I might be a bit later.

Now it's time to watch Survivor and work on my knitting.

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Anonymous said...

Julie I love the fabrics you have chosen for your quilt. I look forward to seeing it finished!