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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dream On!

The November Dream Club is here. Yes, it's part way through November but I needed other yarns from Dream in Color and made the decision to ship everything together. Dream in Color has moved from Chicago to Arizona which has doubled the shipping costs. The more we can get into a box, the better.
This month, we have a beautifully textured hat from designer Hanna Maciejewska. The hat features some amazing interplay between cables and a fisherman’s rib, and will keep you looking stylish this fall.
This month, we are sending a limited edition year, which is not a yarn we regularly stock! How exciting! It is “Jilly with Silk” and is 85% superwash merino and 15% silk. Each skein is 400 yards.

We also received some Classy with Cashmere.

Kiss Me Kate

Evening Flame
An exquisite blend of luxury fibers and a refined twist unite to make Classy with Cashmere an exceptional yarn indeed. 20% cashmere lends the yarn an irresistible softness, while 10% nylon and 70% superwash merino make Classy with Cashmere a superb choice for well-loved baby garments and special occasion accessories alike.
I used two skeins of Kiss Me Kate to make this easy to knit, easy to wear cowl.

A customer just left who purchased balls of Noro to make tea cozies. What a great idea for Christmas gifts. She's using the Churchmouse Yarns pattern - Ribbed and Ruffled Tea Cozies which you can purchase on Ravelry...
A little ‘sweater’ for your teapot keeps the water hotter while you brew and while you sip. The pretty ruffled version was designed for our LYS Tour several years ago while the plain fellow is a perennial favorite. Choose a traditional tweed or a modern self-striping yarn in a color that won’t show the drips. What a thoughtful gift.

Besides being darn cute, a tea cozy is a very practical item. It’ll insulate your teapot so your water stays at the optimum steeping temperature longer. Then it’ll keep your brew warm ’til you’re ready for the next cup.

Also included is the ‘How to Brew a Decent Cup of Tea’ tutorial. If you follow a few guidelines, you can easily serve up a satisfying cuppa, time after time.

Any worsted weight yarn will work
-Noro Kureyon
-Noro Silk Garden
-tosh vintage
-tosh merino
-Cascasde 220

Today was a big day at our house. We finally have a railing on our deck. The original plan was for a railing with glass panels. Our glass man didn't think that they could attach it properly without tearing up the deck so we went to plan B. Which turned into Plan C. I think this is plan D. I'm happy with how it turned out. Very simple and will keep the dogs on the deck. Until now we've had patio furniture around the edges. That hasn't gone well. The wind blows them to the ground and it can be windy in our back yard. Next Friday we get our proper artificial grass. Our fence is the last thing but I think we are waiting until the spring for that.

Now it's time to get back to work. The dining room table is covered in yarn so that I can make up kits. More on that tomorrow. Then knitting and watching the football game. I'm still on the 13th wedge of The Doodler. Unfortunately it isn't knitting itself.

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Lois Evensen said...

Your deck looks wonderful. What a lovely place to sit and knit when weather permits. LOVE the tea cozies!