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Thursday, September 03, 2015


Mr. Canada Post brought in a box from Lynda this morning

Pattern: Gale (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Charly Print Melange from Filatura di Crosa
Needles: 5mm and 6.5mm

Our model is the smaller size and took 12 balls. If you choose the larger size you will need 14 balls of Charly. Not a fan of a multi-coloured yarn? Charly also comes in solid colours and tweeds.

I was going to ask Lynn to put the poncho on for pictures but it was a little warm. Feels like 38. Ugh. I'm sorry for everyone who had to work outside today. I'm sorry that I complained about the heat when I was able to work inside.
The yarn from Fiberstory arrived. I've decided that the colours really aren't that nice so the yarn won't be going on the shelf and it's all going home with me :) The colours are more beautiful than I remembered. The yarn will be available in the store this week and the beginning of next week. It will be packed up Thursday to head to Kitchener.

It's double eviction night on Big Brother. Always a good evening. Plus we have The Amazing Race from last night to watch. More knitting for me. I'm working on a cowl in Classy with Cashmere.

The yarn is super soft and the colours are amazing!

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Candice said...

I started Gale about 6 months ago using the suggested Swan Island, but stopped because the dye was all over my hands. Grr.