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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

At the Lake

For 10km before we got here Beth kept saying 'Don't miss it'. 'You need to get into the right lane to turn'. 'I'll cry if I don't get a Webers burger'. She got her burger and fries and all is right in the world.
We got here and unpacked. The mini yarn shop is ready to be set up after breakfast and then we sat on our back porch for a while. What a beautiful afternoon.
Dinner didn't disappoint.
Dollars are back this year.
We made up the goody bags during Big Brother. There are some really good things this year. Our suppliers spoiled the Campers.

We don't have Internet in our cabin so I'm in the main building writing quickly before bed. Tomorrow is a long day so it's time for some rest.

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Polly Kupi said...

I'm so jealous, have a great time at camp! Everything looks so nice.