Friday, June 12, 2015


Laura Aylor has a new pattern called Therapy. And I need to make it. I saw it on Ravelry this morning and messaged Laura right away to ask if I could use her pictures.

From Laura
In the midst of several demanding knits, I craved garter stripes, simple eyelets, and picots. It had to be almost mindless, easy to put down and pick up so that I could squeeze it in among other things, and be appropriate for using a variegated yarn with a couple of supporting solids. All these things make this shawl great vacation knitting! 
If you want a really mindless knit, this pattern includes a separate pdf with row-by-row instructions which includes stitch counts for every row. You can simply check off each row as you knit it. The row numbers are consistent between the two formats, so you can switch from one to the other at any point.
The shawl is knit in fingering weight yarn. Laura's sample was knit in tosh merino light.
Yardage details:  
C1 (pale grey) – 50-70 yards  
C2 (yellow-green) – 330-400 yards (this is the best spot for a variegated yarn - see last 2 photos)  
C3 (blue-grey) – 160-175 yards  
The ranges reflect the different amounts used in the test knit plus a bit of a cushion on the upper end.
A Unicorn Tail would work great for C1 if you don't want to leftovers from a full skein.

Purchase the pattern on Ravelry… 

Laura did another sample using a multi-coloured hand dyed yarn. This version looks great too.

The pattern is only $2 until June 15. Hurry over to Ravelry to purchase it…

Don't forget that this weekend is Heritage Days in Ancaster. Wilson Street in front of the store is closed from 9:30am-1pm. I will be in the store at 9:30 so you can sneak in before the road closes. Getting out will be no problem.


Anonymous said...

Can you tease us with some pictures of yarn combinations for the shawl?

Julie said...

Thanks. Great idea. I will work on that in the morning.