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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Happy Birthday Dad

Today was my dad's ?? birthday. We don't count anymore. For a week we have been planning a surprise party at his workshop. All the men would be there after work for pizza and wings. Beth and I picked up mom and headed out. Small problem. Just as we were pulling out of mom and dad's survey, dad drove in. He had been in Toronto all day and came home instead of going back to the office. We had to turn around and tell him the truth. He was expected at work.
I got the good side of my dad in this picture - the back of his head :)

My dad is holding a sign that was found at the Christie Antique show recently. This was on one of their construction trucks 50 years ago. His cousin Henry found it and gave it to him for his birthday.

There are a few more pictures from the show. I love this blue yarn bowl. We won't have them in the store until the fall but remember it - what a great Christmas gift.
There is a new sock yarn coming from Mountain Colors. Meet Twizzlefoot. Unfortunately we won't have this until the end of September. I need to remember that good things are worth the wait.

It's hockey time. And then bed. Bell is going to be at our house at 8am to do the TV, internet and phone.


Mary-Anne Bateman said...

What is the name the scarf pattern?

Mary-Anne Bateman said...

What is the name of the scarf pattern above? Sorry if this showed up a few times - wasn't cooperating