Sunday, June 28, 2015

Greyhound Shawl

That was some storm last night. The rain would not stop. We know that our sump pump works. It went off many times during the evening. I guess they won't be doing our front yard this week :) What a mess.
Today was the first day that the fireplace has been on. There was a touch of a chill in the house but I didn't want to put the heat on.

I'm by myself this week. Beth and the dogs are at mom and dad's with their dog because my parents are on their annual Alaskan cruise. My mom got an email in the fall that there was another quilt cruise and my dad had has his credit card out so fast your head would spin.

We're tracking the ship online. Very cool.  Tomorrow is Juneau. I'm not sure what mom is doing but dad is helicoptering up to a glacier and going dog sledding. Beth and I did this and it is so cool!

My shawl is progressing.
A day of rain is always good for knitting. Now it's time to hit publish. Big Brother is about to start. I can't decide yet who I like. It is going to be an interesting season.

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