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Friday, April 17, 2015

Mother's Day is coming

They're here.
 Dad just dropped off the yarn bowls.
These bowls are made by Amanda Pawley in Kentucky.

Yarn bowls are a favorite accessory for those who love to knit or crochet. These bowls nestle your yarn while you work, both preventing “roll away” and keeping yarn clean as you work. 
These bowls have a “Y” hook channel design, making it easy to switch out your working yarn while still attached to your work. The bowls also have a pass-through hole if you don’t need to change colors in your project. Felted pads on the base of these bowls protects your furniture from scratches.

Here at Pawley Studios we strive to make elegant, yet functional pottery that can be used and loved for generations.  Our high fire stoneware is light enough to be used, but sturdy enough to be past down. 
We only use the best techniques and products at Pawley Studios.  All of our glazes are led free, microwave and dishwasher safe.
Wouldn't these make a great Mother's Day gift? You could always buy one for yourself and then hand it to your family to wrap up. You know you'll get a gift that you like :)
Today's blog post has taken forever to write. I started in the store and then tried to finish it after dinner. I haven't been able to write because I've been glued to the TV. I haven't even knit. I might have worn out the converter flipping between hockey (and hockey) and baseball. And we totally forgot about The Amazing Race. Now overtime. And the Calgary/Vancouver game is starting. I need to get a program where I can talk and my computer types.

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