Wednesday, February 18, 2015

That's a lot of yarn

399 pounds of yarn arrived yesterday from madelinetosh. It went to the storage locker and we are counting it and bringing it to the store. The whole shipment won't fit right now but we will get most of it in.
tosh sock
tosh merino light

Lynn has been having fun going through the bags of yarn. She keeps putting together combinations for awesome shawls.

A box arrived from Zen Yarn Garden. Lots of pretty colours of Serenity Glitter Sock.

Someone has been busy knitting.
Cathy's latest Technicolor Cowl. This is shades of grey with a touch of colour. Very muted and very pretty. I'll be making up kits tomorrow.

Have you thought about taking a workshop at the Frolic? Take a look at the offerings - it will be hard to choose. Sivia Harding is this year's special guest instructor.

Sivia Harding is guest instructor at Frolic 2015. She has been churning out patterns since 2003 after learning to knit in 2000. Her work has appeared in publication under her own name and has been featured in the Twist Collective online magazine, on, in various subscription clubs, and many knitting books. 
One of her specialties is knitting with beads. Sivia loves the magical effects achieved when beads are combined with lace, cables and other textural elements. Sivia considers herself a knitting mentor. She loves to inspire experiment outside the realm of the original technique or project which often leads to the student developing highly original ideas of their own. She offers workshops on knitting with beads, designing shawls, exploring mobius, socks and more. 
Her self-published designs are found on Ravelry and her
Now it's knitting time. I've been busy printing price signs for the store. I'm in the 'I'm going away for a few days and the store needs to be in order for Cathy' mode. I know the prices of things and where to find them but she can't always read my mind.

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Candice said...

LOVE that muted cowl!