Friday, February 27, 2015


I didn't get to watch The Amazing Race on Wednesday evening so I watched it online this morning. There is a new episode tonight so I need to be ready.

It's going to be an interesting season with the blind date twist. They were nice to each other the first leg of the race but in a few weeks things could get ugly. I'm not sure why so many people picked the dance routine challenge. I think that some people will be kicking themselves when they watch the episode later and see how easy the other challenge was.

Mr. UPS just brought in a few boxes of one of my favourite yarns - Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe. The colours are back in stock to make Iris Garden.

It really pains me that I don't have any Kidsilk Haze on needles right now. And now the yarn is right at the cash register in the store. I'm continually walking by it. UGH!

Diana just brought in a shawl that she knit for the store.
Vittran is a creature in Scandinavian Folklore. She looks like, dresses and lives like a human, and takes care of cows and goats. She is usually invisible, but sometimes humans can catch a glimpse of her. If you help her, you will likely get some kind of reward, but if you cross her, terrible things happen. 
The Vittran shawl is a top-down crescent shawl knit in seductive Serenity Glitter Sock. 
Yarn: 2 skeins of Serenity Glitter sock in the colour Rustic Wine

366m (400 yards) on a skein
80% merino
10% metallic
10% cashmere

Purchase the pattern on Ravelry...
The 10% Metallic is a Sparking Nylon that adds just the right amount of glimmer to your project!
My computer needs to be plugged in for a bit which is good news because I get to knit. I made it into the fourth section of Ley Lines. My goal is to have it done by next Friday.

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