Monday, November 10, 2014


Fingerless gloves are popular right now. You might be asking 'Why?' They are great for texting and playing on your iPhone. They are great for driving. Your hands are warm but you can still feel the steering wheel. My fleece mittens won't do that for me. They are also much easier to knit. No picking up stitches and trying to knit the fingers on a pair of gloves. And what happens when you are giving the gloves as a gift? How do you get the fingers the proper length? And what if you're like me with long finger nails? Fingerless gloves are much easier :) They don't take a lot of yarn and make quick gifts. Have I convinced you?
Fetching (pattern free on
Yarn: any Aran weight yarn

These are easy to knit and a great way to learn cables.

There are three amazing patterns from Blue Sky Alpacas. We have them in the store and they each take 2 balls of Royal Petites (100% Alpaca)

The first is the Countess Mitts.
A delicate lace vine travels up the center of these feminine mitts. Adorn your hands with beauty and practicality.
Just the touch to complete any look, these elegant mitts with dainty cables are sure to please.
 Mitini Mitts

Windsor Mitts
Cosmopolitan in their simplicity, these svelte mitts are extra long and worldly; always ready for your next enchanted outing.
Tatras Fingerless Mitts knit in Blue Sky Alpacas Extra. The pattern for these is in the store as well.
Reach for something special. These long, lovely mitts are the perfect mix of upscale elegance and downhome practicality. Unconventional cables create a ladder effect from the fingertips to the elbow with an extra touch of texture provided by the lush hand and hearty twist inherent in Blue Sky Alpacas Extra.
Don't forget about the November Dream Club.
These are just a small sample of the many, many patterns available. There are over 11,000 patterns for knit fingerless gloves on Ravelry. Would you rather crochet? There are over 2,300 patterns. I bet you have something in your stash and you can get going right away on a pair.

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