Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Once I hit Publish on my post last night Beth requested that I cast on for her. I thought about saying no but then I remembered that she winds my skeins for me so I cast on and did the first row for her.

There was some Soaking happening too. Fig was the scent of choice last night.

This is in black and white because it's a super secret project. I can share in a couple of days.

We received many boxes from Filatura di Crosa today. Charly Print Melange and Zara Print Melange are in stock.
The colours are awesome!
I had a helper today making kits for the Fleece Festival. If they called and said that the show was this Saturday we'd be ready to go.

I told her that she could sit on a chair but she likes the floor.

New colours of Opal sock yarn will be arriving sometime next week. Sweet and Spicy 2.

I should be cleaning the house but all I want to do is knit. What option will win??

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