Thursday, August 28, 2014


Interweave Knits Gifts just arrived.
With a new name and a new logo design, the 2014 holiday issue offers the usual collection of delightful quick knits and artful accessories. His and hers hat variations, a children’s tea party, holiday decor, and loads of accessories—shawls, socks, hats, mitts, cowls, and more, fill out the patterns, while technique articles focus on unusual colorwork methods.

My favourite vest, Aileen, knit in Amuri from Naturally.

Amuri is 75% pure NZ wool and 25% possum. The possum adds warmth to the garment. There is some variation in the colour because the wool and possum take the dyes differently.

Last year the yarn was available in natural colours. This year we have colour. Can you imagine the vest knit in one of these?

See all the shades...

I've been busy making up kits for the Knitters' Fair and Camp. While doing that I needed a picture of a garment and I didn't have one. That means that I never shared with you.

Wannietta knit this cardigan and delivered it to us at the Knitters' Frolic. I think with all the excitement that day I forgot to get pictures.

Pattern: Vodka Lemonade (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag

The kits are going well. Unfortunately my knitting isn't. There has been no time to knit. I need to get going on Itineris and the end of the month is almost here. Ugh. I hope to get some knitting done tonight. There might be a marathon on Saturday night and all day Sunday.

The draft last night went well. We are very happy with our team. We only took players on teams that we want to watch. An interesting way to draft but there is nothing worse than having to watch and cheer for a team on Sunday afternoon that you don't like.

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