Friday, July 25, 2014

We're Home

It was a very easy travel day. It takes about 10 minutes to get from our house to the airport. We were loaded and in the air 15 minutes early. How many times do you hear that? We landed 30 minutes early in Niagara Falls. Thankfully the line at the border wasn't long and we were in Ancaster in no time. I visited Cathy in the store for a few minutes and took some pictures.
 The new plants are growing.

New yarns for fall arrived while I was away.

Mr. UPS brought in 9 boxes from Rowan. I've started adding to the website but I've hit my limit for tonight. I'll finish up over the weekend.
We did not receive the following brochures but they will be in next week.

Rowan Finest
Big Wool Colour Collection
Brushed Fleece
Fazed Tweed
Big Accessories

An email came through from madelinetosh that they are ready to dye me more yarn. We should have a huge amount coming in 3-4 weeks. Did I mention a huge amount?

It's good to be home. I've had tea from Tim's twice already. If you are driving around in Myrtle Beach there are very few places to stop and get a tea. We are spoiled in Canada. And what do you have for your first dinner home when there are no groceries in the house? Swiss Chalet of course. 

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Irene said...

Welcome back, yes, we are spoiled in Canada. do you see many stores of your stores caliber in the U.S. I don't.