Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sorry Mom

Beth and my mom are very happy. For some reason Dairy Queen did away with butterscotch dip for their cones but Myrtle Beach has it again.

And I need to apologize to my mom. I lied to her today. She asked me if I bought anything on my errands. I said no but I did buy a small pottery jug at Pottery Barn. They are all over the house.

Diana sent me a message on Ravelry
I have finished the ‘secret shawl’! I really enjoyed knitting it and it turned out well. Whatever this secret yarn is, it is awesome… easy to knit with, nice bloom and drape after blocking and very soft and cozy! I will have to buy myself some when the cat is out of the bag!!!
I can't wait to see it.

I've been knitting like crazy. Even out at breakfast with my parents.

 Groovy - the first 240 yard skein is done.
Ishbel. I didn't count the stitches when I took the picture but I'm getting close to 200 now. I need 221 and then I get to start the lace pattern.

The Amazing Race and The Mentalist are taping. It's time to get back to the knitting. Unfortunately I haven't trained the needles to work on their own.

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Seajaes said...

I loved butterscotch dip...