Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ready to go

I decided that the best way to review the new Kazul bag from Offhand Designs is to take it on my trip this weekend. Which colour did I choose?

It's tournament time - NCAA March Madness. (US College Basketball if you aren't a sports fan) 16 basketball games today. Does life get any better?? Yes, the TV on the store will be on today. I have Kansas and Michigan as my picks to win it all. Beth has Michigan State and Louisville.

My new glasses just came. Literally to my door. The fine ladies at Hanley's Eyewear brought them to me because I couldn't sneak out to pick them up.

Don't forget that One of a Kind is next week. If you are in Southern Ontario, I highly recommend going to the show.

We have houses from Mylene hanging in the dining room in Myrtle Beach. I'm worried because she has new houses for spring. I love the flowers. My houses don't have them. This can only mean one thing. An expensive evening in Toronto.

I'm home and trying to get everything in order. I think that the store is good to go. Everything should be priced for Cathy. All samples should have signs. Beth knows her chores while I'm away. There is a load of laundry in. I have clothes there but I don't think that I have pants for golf. Yes golf. Can you imagine? Sorry to rub it in. My knitting is packed. One project. A box is arriving tomorrow by FedEx with more super secret yarn. I've got many sizes of knitting needles with me but I have to cast some yarn onto them. Just in case the person at security tomorrow isn't happy with needles that are empty. All that's left is packing and adding my US talk/text package to my phone. I guess that means lots of knitting time tonight. Hell's Kitchen. Grey's Anatomy. Basketball. Coastal Carolina is playing tonight. Their campus is 5 minutes from my house. Now I need to get my bedroom in order. The cleaning company comes tomorrow.

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