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Friday, February 21, 2014

Let the sewing begin

It was just after midnight when I cast off my second sleeve. I threw it in a bucket of cold water and Yuzu Soak for 15 minutes...
...and got it laid out.
My bathtub is useless right now.
I'm worried that the sleeves won't be dry by the time I need them for sewing tomorrow. I did a little trick that Jared Flood shared at camp. I rolled the sleeve in a towel and then walked on the towel. It helps to get the excess water out.

We have a new sock yarn in the store.
Supersocke 4ply Jupiter Colour

75% superwash wool
25% nylon
with aloe vera and jojoba

420 m on a 100gram ball.
A colour for everyone.

We have added the pattern for Twisted Donuts on Ravelry. You can purchase it here...

Now it's time to sign off and start sewing. I've been putting it off for long enough. :)

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