Friday, January 24, 2014

She's Home

Sarah and her husband have moved back to Canada. Not the best time of year to come back - she's not happy about the cold weather :)
She made faces as I was taking pictures (you should never do that) so I picked the one with the funniest face. Most of her knitting is in their container of 'stuff' so she needed new yarn to knit with tonight. Tosh sock for a hat.

This morning Ms. Canada Post left a box from Lynda.
Pattern: Liberty Pocket/Sweater Cardigan
Yarn: Classic Elite Liberty Wool
This pattern is free with yarn purchase and exclusively available from LYS’s participating in the Liberty Wool subscription program from Classic Elite Yarns.
We are one of the stores participating so I can give you the pattern when you purchase the yarn. There will be 2 new colours arriving every month from now until June. Once I saw the purple I was sold. Who wouldn't want a purple sweater?

Now I want to use the purple to make an Inspira Cowl. I'm telling myself that I must work on my cardigan but it's so cold out (and we're supposed to get snow) that I might treat myself to a few balls of Liberty tonight. :)

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Irene said...

go for it, everybody deserves a treat on a snowy day. Treat yourself.