Thursday, December 12, 2013


I haven't talked very much about Amuri from Naturally New Zealand. It is a fabulous yarn and we'll have a store sample in the new year. Yarn went out to Wannietta today.

75% New Zealand Merino
25% Possum

The possum found in New Zealand is not the same possum as we have in North America. The NZ possum is a major agricultural and conservation pest.

The yarn is super soft. And super warm. If you know anyone who has travelled to New Zealand they probably brought something home that was made with possum-hat, socks, sweater, blanket....

Right now we have four natural shades. Beige, brown, light grey and dark grey. Next fall we will have colours. I can't wait.

Wannietta is going to knit Aileen in brown. We have the vest in the store right now knit in Zara and I have knit it in tosh. I love it and can't wait to see it knit in Amuri.

The shawl is growing. The C&C section is almost done and tomorrow I should be onto C&D. The more I knit the more I like the colours.


Lois Evensen said...

Pretty yarns! I get a kick out of the possum content, even though I realize it's a different possum than we have here....

Dayana Knits said...

What would you do if they released new colors of Kidsilk Haze stripe?! :D