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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My knitting is progressing

We're almost ready for Woodstock. Tomorrow we will be packing the last three things - yarn bowls, knitting bags and garments.

Here are some pictures of Windward. I locked the store for the evening and took it out of the bag to get pictures. Unfortunately it was part way through the row. Actually, closer to the beginning. I stood in the parking lot finishing the row (getting weird looks from people going to the variety store beside us) so that I could take these.

It is going to be closer to a shawl than a scarf (which isn't a bad thing) because I'm using sport weight yarn which is slightly thicker than the fingering weight that the pattern calls for.

We've watched Survivor (I won't say anything in case you haven't watched yet) and when I'm finished writing I'm going to sit down to knit while watching Criminal Minds.

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