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Monday, September 09, 2013

5 more sleeps

We're almost packed. Or we were until 11 boxes came in today from madelinetosh. We're going through the boxes and adding to the tosh going to the show. Not going to the show? Don't worry. We've left lots in the store for you to see.

Beth and I have been listening to the NFL game while going through the door prizes for Camp.
There are going to be many Happy Campers. My suppliers have donated many great things-yarn, needles, bags, books plus a few surprises.

Aileen is finished. OK, the knitting of Aileen is finished. There wasn't a lot of yarn left.

I Soaked her last night (Yuzu was the scent of choice) and now she's laying out in my bathroom. While she's drying I'm starting the fringe on the Ab Fab Throw.

My tips if you are coming to the Fair
-If you don't like crowds then plan to arrive after noon. It starts to thin out a bit and it is easier for you to get into the booths.  This could mean that you might miss out on some of the hand dyed yarns, but trust me, there will be lots of yarn still available.
-Bring your own lunch. Why waste time standing in line when you could be shopping?
-If you see something you like write down the booth number.  It is amazing how many people are running around at the end of the day looking for xyz and they can't remember where they saw it. 

-wear comfortable shoes
-wear something that you have knit and show it off

See you in a few days!!

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