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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Norah Gaughan Volume 13

I totally forgot to blog that the new Norah Gaughan book for fall has arrived.
She said she’d never do it, but for her thirteenth installment, Norah went from the top down! Every sweater is knit seamlessly, starting from the neck and working toward the hem.
The unusual ribbed neckline of this top-down pullover is echoed by the v-shaped splits on the cuffs of the three-quarter length sleeves.
Delany knit in Blackstone Tweed. One of my favourite yarns. Who doesn't love tweed?
A wide ribbed waistband flows into a cascade of cables on this knee-length skirt knit from the top down.
Dickson is knit in Ultra Alpaca. I haven't added Ultra Alpaca to the website yet but we have lots of great colours in stock including three shades of grey.

See all the patterns in the book...

There is so much to show right now that I have three draft blog posts written. Then something else arrives and I put them on the back burner for another day. July is a great month in a yarn shop.

I decided on my Colinette kit. Sleepy Sunday. The colours are perfect for my great room.

I was here very early today (Mr. Melo decided it was time to get out of bed at 6:30) so I opened the kit, took it outside to get a picture of the beautiful yarn and scanned in images from the pattern. My job this afternoon is to start getting the kits on the website.

There are 11 different skeins in the kit including
-cotton tape

There is enough yarn to make one of five throws. Which to make? I like Grand Teton but there is already a Colinette throw with a ripple pattern on my couch. Denali is calling my name. Broomstick lace-a blast from the past.
From Colinette

I've made it through the greens and back into purple. That makes me happy. :) I might make it to colour D tonight. Big Brother and Hell's Kitchen. TV you don't really need to pay attention to.

Mr. Roko had his x-rays today and surgery is set for the end of the month. He is really going to play this up. And put on a lot of weight.

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