Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fall Yarns

It's hard to believe when the weather is this hot but fall yarns have started to arrive. Yesterday Kim and I unpacked a large box from Blue Sky Alpacas and Spud and Chloe.

Here are the four new colours of Bulky from Blue Sky. All over the show we were seeing lots of bulky yarns. The thicker the better. Makes for quick knitting. :)

Here are a few more things that were ordered at TNNA.

Lorna's Laces has new colours. Their booth was jammed the whole show (very good for them) but I didn't want to get in the way so I didn't get the colour names for their new colours. Lorna's Laces should be sending out an email in a few days with pictures. 

I have ordered the new shades in Helen's Lace, Shepherd Sock, Haymarket and Solemate.

Gleener® — The Ultimate Fuzz Remover — works like magic to quickly and easily remove fuzz, pills and lint from most woven or knitted fabrics. Everything from sweaters, t-shirts, pants, jackets, and scarves to drapes, cushions and upholstery will be completely revitalized!

And a few more pictures from Columbus. It's a good thing that we drove in a big truck. This is part of the luggage that came home.

There is a big leather bag missing from the picture. Bev's luggage (and shopping-5 pairs of shoes) isn't here either. Our bags from shopping are already in the truck. Beth bought puzzles and I bought her new bedding for her birthday.
A new pair of Ugg Slippers came home as well. How could I pass up this colour? I'm kind of kicking myself that I didn't buy two pairs. I wear my slippers at all times when I'm home. I love them! When I bought my first pair Bev made fun of me. We gave her a pair for Christmas one year and she wears them all the time. So much that she wore them out and we bought her a new pair. If you get a chance, try them on. They are so comfortable. And warm.

We saw this on our last night. Beth was very excited. TNNA is in Indianapolis next year but when we go back to Columbus I'm sure Beth is going to talk us into doing this.
The Cycle Tavern of Columbus is a 16-person bicycle powered entirely by pedaling. There is room for 15 people seated and one "standee" in the middle. It's perfect for pub crawls, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate team building, Short North Tours, Downtown Columbus Tours, sporting events like The Columbus Clippers, OSU Buckeyes, or Columbus Blue Jackets, weddings, tailgating, any kind of celebration……the ideas are endless!


Seajaes said...

That cycle tavern thing is hilarious but how do they get away with drinking and driving? Hahaha

Linda said...

Just dropped by. Love all your knitting projects and especially your new wool. Those ugg slippers are perfect as well. Do tell where you purchased them.

Julie said...

The Uggs came from Nordstroms.