Monday, May 06, 2013

Niagara Falls

It doesn't matter how many times I see them I'm still in awe. Saturday night Beth and I took a road trip to the Falls.

I'm writing early today because there is a golf game in the near future-this afternoon. Can't wait to pick up the clubs again. I haven't golfed since October. It will go one of two ways. My best round of the year or like someone who hasn't seen a golf club before. Let's hope for the first.

The Amazing Race last night was awesome. My team won!!! I picked them the first week and they didn't disappoint. They were nice to each other, the other teams and everyone they encountered on the race.

The wrap grew about 12" last night. You know I'm happy because there is lots of purple now. I just checked online to see where the patterns are. They left Bainbridge Island, Washington then onto Kent, Washington and now they are in San Francisco. I think that is the wrong direction. Someone at the US Postal Service might have made a mistake???

I forgot to hit publish before heading to the course. Here are some pictures of our day. Beth is a member at Dundas Valley so this is where we golf. It's great going with her because she pays. :)

The clubhouse has been renovated and looks great. After you see the renovations you realize how tired looking it was before. Now it's shiny new.
The picture above is from the 18th fairway and the picture below is from the 9th.
Being outside in the fresh air and sun was awesome. And I played well. The front was okay. A bit higher score than normal but I can live with it. The back was really good. I almost beat Beth which doesn't happen very often. Okay, almost never.

There is lots on TV between hockey, baseball and Top Chef Canada. I'm going to knit. My body is a bit tired so a rest on a comfy couch is necessary.

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