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Sunday, May 05, 2013

A Day of Rowan

About 6 weeks ago I started a cardigan in Rowan Summerspun. It has been on the back burner because I had projects to get finished for the Frolic. Those are done and now I need to get back to this so that I can wear it at the end of June. TNNA (the trade show where I buy yarn and knitting 'stuff' for the store) is in Columbus and we are going. I mentioned TNNA the other day. That is San Diego in January. There are two shows a year-in case you were confused. I like to wear something that I have knit for the show.
Pattern: Lady Irmelin (pattern bought on Ravelry)

I've done about 20 rows of one front today.
Summerspun is a beautiful yarn in a 50% Merino Wool and 50% Cotton blend. The yarn is made by twisting a printed cotton end and a melange wool end together, resulting in a wonderful subtle striping effect.
So far I'm not getting a striping effect but I do like how the colours are coming out.
Taken this morning out back of the house in the sun.
After an bit of knitting I took it out front in the shade. It's amazing how different the colours look.
If you are making the wrap (or thinking of it) I made on small adjustment to the pattern. There are 4 colours used and you start with one strand of A and one of B. You do this for 9" and then do 9" of B+B. Then work with B+C until you run out of B. This was longer than 9" for me. Closer to 11". I decided to keep going past 9" because I don't like having left over yarn. And a wrap can't be too long. Then I worked C+C for 9" and now I'm on C+D. I will work until out of C. This could be longer or shorter than 9". Then D+D will be 9". D+A will go until D runs out. Then A+A will go until A runs out. Long story short-I'm not sticking to the 9" if I have more yarn.

What a beautiful day. I really wish we had a TV outside. NHL. Blue Jays. Nascar. It's been a busy afternoon. I also need a TV converter that I can talk to so that I don't need to take my hands off the needles.

There are three more hockey games this afternoon and this evening plus a baseball game tonight. And the Amazing Race finale. I'm not going to say who I want to win for fear of jinxing them. I'm figuring another 7-8 hours of knitting today. How much can I get done??

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