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Monday, April 01, 2013

The air was blue

I sat down last night to work on Eos and got far enough to start the shoulder shaping on the back. The first side was done and then I had to cast off 25 stitches (for the centre back) before shaping the other shoulder. There were WAY too many stitches on the needle. Darn Rowan. The pattern was wrong. I counted and recounted and the numbers didn't add up. There were bad words coming out of my mouth. Then it hit me. SORRY ROWAN-I AM AN IDIOT!!!! I took out the armhole shaping because I wasn't sure the sleeves would be wide enough. Also the sleeves are a lace pattern and I wasn't sure if the top would be stretchy and hard to sew in. Their numbers were correct and I forgot about the 11 extra stitches I had on each side. Instead of ripping out while watching The Amazing Race I cast on for the front and got the ribbing done.

My Linen Stitch scarf is done. Blocked. Ends sewn in.
Pattern: Churchmouse Yarns Linen Stitch Scarf
Yarn: Rastita from Malabrigo
Needles: 7mm

There were a few more bad words this afternoon when I found out that the madelinetosh won't be arriving until tomorrow. My day was planned and I don't do well when things don't go as planned. I spent the time working out the booth for the Frolic. I think it is figured out. I needed some more mannequin clothes which I ran out and bought. Now I need some more grid. Then we are set. Kim will be in the store tomorrow and I will be in the storage until unpacking yarn. :)

Now it's time to take out the shoulder shaping. I will never make that mistake again!!

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Sally said...

Don't you just HATE when you have one of those 'should have made notes on what I was planning' moments?